Dryer & Vent Cleaning

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After Cleaning

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Before Cleaning

Symptoms of Poor/Blocked Vent

-Dry times are exceeding 50 Minutes

-Dryer is stopping midcycle or requires multiple cycles to dry
-Excess lint and moisture around dryer door or seal
-Laundry room is humid, smells or has lots of dust/ lint
-Abnormal, musty or burning smells on clothing 
-Burning odor while operating dryer
-Dryer drum or cabinet is excessively hot during or after operation
-Little to no lint on lint screen after operation indicating poor airflow


Dryer & Dryer Vent Cleaning is an often overlooked service that is likely robbing your home of energy efficiency as well as creating a hazardous and potentially flammable condition.  When talking with our customers about the importance of this service, we often hear a similar response: "Well we clean the lint filter every load, so we probably don't need the vent cleaned". While cleaning the lint filter is essential to keeping your dryer operating, the fact is that the lint screen only collects around 70% of the lint produced during a drying cycle. The rest? It's slowly accumulating inside your dryer and vent. Once this lint starts building up, the steam and heat generated by your dryer are no longer able to exit your home as designed, so it takes longer and longer to dry your clothing. This is bad for a number of reasons, most notably the wasted energy spent trying to expel the moisture and heat along with excess wear on internal components including the drum rollers, drum belt, heating element and drive motor. Left unattended, this is a recipe for rapid dryer burnout requiring unnecessary replacement, costly repairs or more unfortunately, a fire. Our Dryer & Vent Cleaning service ensures your dryer and vent are clean, clear and functioning at their absolute best, day after day, year after year. These pictures are all taken by me, in local homes. Nearly 18,000 residential structure fires happen every year in the United States from poorly maintained dryer vents resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and far worse, the loss of lives. Have us clean your vent while we are in your home for a discounted rate or call today to schedule an appointment. The service will pay for itself, and there's nothing quite like the peace of mind you get knowing that your home is that much safer. If any of the symptoms below are occurring in your home, please don't delay, its time to call us! 

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